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Paper Magic

John Roach (NY), Christiane Wustinger (Vienna), Robbin Ami Silverberg (NY)

May 1, 2006 through May 31, 2006


Paper Magic was the name of a street festival in May 2006 on Raday Utsa in Budapest. 2B Gallery invited 3 artists to exhibit work in/on paper for this paper-filled celebration:

Two wall installations (both untitled), by Christiane Wustinger, focused on marks and gestures on paper and their relationship to their ground. Robbin Ami Silverberg exhibited six artist books all made from handmade papers. Her work uses activated substrate as artistic expression.

John Roach’s "Autumn (FALL)" was a delicate contraption using fans, motors, amplified paper, chocolate coins, and their foil wrappers to create an unexpected collision of sound and image. Viewers were asked to take a chocolate coin, eat the chocolate, and then toss the foil onto the surface of the piece. Fans blew the skittering pieces of foil across an amplified paper surface, while a camera below the paper transmitted the shadowy image of the foil's movement to a video projection on the wall.


Special thanks to the Newschool Funding Committee and the American Embassy in Budapest for their support.

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