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Lajos Kassák, Untitled, n.d. (c.1950 authorized edition of 1920 original)

Serigraph on color paper

9 15/16 x 7 3/8 inches / 249 x 188 mm

The Müller-Keithly Collection of Hungarian Art

QCC Art Gallery, Queens, New York

June 5, 2014 throughJuly 31, 2014



The art collection of Dr. Miklos Müller and Dr. Jan S. Keithly includes Hungarian modernists influenced by Fauvism and Expressionism, such as Máttis Teutsch and Sándor Bortynik, and traces the development of abstraction in Hungarian art. The exhibition includes works by such pioneers of graphic abstraction as László Maholy-Nagy and Lajos Kassák, along with several artists working after World War II, including Victor Vasarely, up to more recent works, such as by József Jakovits and Kati Villim. This exhibition inaugurates a collaboration between ALMA and QCC Art Gallery to profile art from Hungary as part of ALMA’s aim to establish a Center for Hungarian Visual Culture in the tristate area.



Vilmos Aba-Návak, Imre Bak, Ildikó Bálint, László Balogh, Jenö Barcsay, András Böröcz, Sándor Bortynik, Pál Deim, Bene Géza, József Jakovits, Béla Kádár, Lajos Kassák , El Kazovszkij, lluna Keseruíí, Tamás Konok, Dezső Korniss, Endre Lukoviczky, János Máttis-Teutsch, János Megyik, László Moholy-Nagy, István Nadler, Hugo Scheiber, Gábor Szerényi, Victor Vasarely, Kati Vilim, Beta Vitz, Maqda Zemplenyi 

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