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Christoph Both-Asmus


Multimedia work, mainly performance, film and video, sculptures as well as site-specific sculpture, installations and drawings

The Tree Walker

Christoph Both-Asmus

November 4, 2015 through May 23, 2016


AlmaOnDobbin is a supporter of THE TREE WALKER, establishing collaborative links for Christoph Both-Asmus's ambitious project, which is focused on the canopy of the African equatorial rain forest. During June and July 2016, Alma arranged for Christoph Both-Asmus to visit and collaborate with Hervé Youmbi in Cameroon, following a visit to Gabon. Alma also linked into the project the Gabonese artist Owanto and Bill Kouélany, from Congo Republic, and invited all the collaborating artists to work together with Robbin Silverberg on creating unique handmade paper and a collaborative artist's book. 

A video synopsis of the project is available here



  • Christoph Both-Asmus (b. 1984, Germany) is the artist and director of THE TREE WALKER film. He is currently living and working in Berlin (Germany) and Shiuzoka (Japan). He has wanted to be a director of nature films and an environmental advocate, then during his studies he focused on Fine Arts. In 2010 he completed his Master of Fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute for Fine Arts in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

    The multimedia work of Christoph Both-Asmus is mainly performance, film and video, sculptures as well as site-specific sculpture, installations and drawings.

    The core of his works is the life on planet earth. Authenticity of his materials plays an important role. His works are created with natural materials such as paper, plaster and mouth-blown glass. We can also encounter animals, plants, ice, fire and soil.

    Christoph Both-Asmus exhibited amongst the greatest art shows around Europe. In recent years the artist exhibited together with fellow documenta artist and director of the London Biennale David Medalla and Venice Biennale artist Pedro Calapez.

    After being funded by the Mondriaan Fonds Amsterdam in 2011 and 2012 he has been concentrating on the realization of THE TREE WALKER, a meditation on life and our connection to plants, especially trees. Through THE TREE WALKER, Both-Asmus hopes to raise awareness for the importance to preserve and respect biodiversity.


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