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Waldsee 1944

Waldsee 1944

Exhibition and South African film premiere of "Son of Saul"

Fugard Theater, Cape Town

February 21, 2016 throughMay 22, 2016


Waldsee 1944 is a tribute to Jews who perished in World War II. Jews in Auschwitz were sometimes permitted to mail postcards to friends outside with short messages, albeit censored. The Nazi’s postmarked the cards “Waldsee,” a German name that means “Forest Lake” and suggests a pleasant spa town. In 2004, Alma and 2B Galéria invited Hungarian and international artists to respond, as if they had received a Waldsee postcard, with an artwork. Today, “Waldsee 1944” has grown to include more than 110 works, including several prominent artists, and has shown in several venues around the world. It opens in Cape Town, Sunday February 21, at the Fugard Theater, alongside the the SA film premiere of Son of Saul.


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