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telehor 1-2


Alma on Dobbin is a sponsor and project partner in the facsimile reprint of telehor 1-2, with text in Czech, German, English, and French. A separate volume of commentary, telehor, l. moholy-nagy: Kommentarband, edited by Klemens Gruber and Oliver Botar, which includes additional translations into Mandarin, Spanish, Hungarian, and Russian, accompanies the facsimile.


telehor-1-2 talk


telehor-1-2 performance


Title:  telehor 1-2
Editors: Klemens Gruber & Olivar A. I. Botar
Language: English, German, French, Czech, Mandarin, Russian, Hungarian and Spanish
Publisher:  Lars Muller Publishers
Length:  138 pages, 21 x 29.5 cm, spiral binding
ISBN:  978-3-03778-253-8

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