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Illumination 3D, 2009 (detail)

Acrylic on shaped canvas

Twelve panels, each: 50 x 50 x 8 cm

Peter Paizs

New York City

March 1, 2011 through June 1, 2011


Alma arranged accommodation and work for Peter Paizs, a Hungarian artist who received a Fulbright Scholarship to attend Hunter College (CUNY) and continue research towards his practice-based dissertation. 

  • Peter Paizs

    Born: 1957, Budapest

    Artist, tenured associate professor




    Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA), Hungarian University of Fine Arts

    International Validity of Diploma of Expertise in Color Dynamics

    Color Expert, Budapest University of Economics and Technology 

    Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts



    Fulbright Grant, Hungarian-American Fulbright Commission

    Eötvös Foundation of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture



    AIC, International Color Association

    The International Kepes Society

    Society of Hungarian Painters

    Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists

    Association of Hungarian Creative Artists


    Solo Exhibitions (selected)

    Inspiration, Hungarian Institute, Tallinn, Estonia 

    Illumination 3D, Kassák Museum, Budapest, Hungary

    Colors in Black and White, Salone Gemma, Trieste, Italy

    15+, Skanzen Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary

    Hommage, Fészek Gallery, Budapest

    Ten, Duna Gallery, Budapest

    In Black, Gallery of Artists‘ Colony, Szentendre

    15 Years, Műhely Gallery, Szentendre

    Golden Stairs, Kempinski Gallery, Budapest

    Paizs Péter’s Exhibition, Fészek Klub, Budapest

    Twin Paintings, Duna Gallery, Budapest

    Paizs Péter’s Exhibition, Óbudai Pincegaléria, Budapest





    Paizs Péter, Lingua Spectra / A spektrum nyelve, Színtudatosság és fényérzékenység a kortárs absztrakt festészetben, Doctoral Thesis (Hungarian) / DLA értekezés, MKE, Budapest, 2012



    Péter Paizs, Lingua Spectra

    My Fulbright Experience III. Reports of Hungarian Grantees

    Published on CD-ROM by the Fulbright Commission, Budapest, 2012



    Paizs Péter, A Pesti Főreál, ahol a főváros építészei tanultak...

    Tudományos Közlemények, Budapest, 2006



    Paizs Péter, Colours in Black and White

    Annual News, Budapest, 2007



    Paizs Péter, Illumination 3D, The Origin of Colours / A színek eredete

    Catalogue / Katalógus előszó, Kassák Múzeum, Budapest, 2009, private edition / saját kiadás/



    Paizs Péter, Illumination 3D Exhibition

    Kassák Múzeum, Budapest, 2009


  • Peter Paizs


    Fulbright Scholar, 2011




    I have been working as a painter since 1980 in Hungary. My works can be found in public and private art collections in Hungary and abroad. I am engaged in teaching and academic activities in color studies. I live and work in Szentendre, Hungary. 


    In 2011, I was a Fulbright Scholar in the Department of Art and Art History at Hunter College, City University of New York, under the supervision of Prof. Sanford Wurmfeld,
    painter and color theorist. I focused on the similarities and differences in teaching color theory in American and Hungarian painting, contrasting the methodologies of the Munsell color system (R. Munsell, 1905) used in American and the classical Hungarian Coloroid system (A. Nemcsics, 2002). 


    During the Fulbright program I met and collaborated with several colleagues in color theory as well as artists, critics, and connoisseurs, including Sanford Wurmfeld, Gabriele Evertz, Bob Swain, Matthew Deleget, András Böröcz, Kati Vilim, Miklós Müller, Edit András, George Peck, and John Hiigli.


    I consider my works as direct sequels to the geometric-constructivist traditions. My earlier works attempt to resolve the contradiction between plane and space, black and white, color and non-color. 


    My work Illumination 3D creates a re-emitted physical light, a ‘non-Newtonian spectrum,’ using the traditional painting techniques of pigment, canvas, and light.  This work was shown in Kassák Museum, Budapest, in 2009.


    In 2012, I completed my dissertation on “color consciousness” in art and “color devotion” in painting, based on my Lingua Spectra project.

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