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Sense Graffiti

Hilda Kozári

Artist’s talk and olfactory experience

May 27, 2009


Hilda Kozári studies how the sense of smell affects emotions and visual expression. Her works—objects, paintings and installations—evoke connections between scents, places, memory, and identity. 


Born in Hungary, Kozári lives in Helsinki and exhibits in Finland and abroad. In 2006, her Memo-trip installation provided an artist’s reflection on the collection of the Finnish National Gallery, Ateneum. Her olfactory installation AIR, Smell of Cities, was first exhibited in the Contemporary Art Museum Helsinki Kiasma in 2003. The artwork is part of the exhibition SAUMA, which was shown first in the USA and is still touring  Europe. This urban olfactory installation is her most recognized artwork, and frequently presented in art, design, architecture, perfume, and life-style magazines and internet blogs.


Kozári’s projects are also inspired by the culture of the visually impaired: her SenseGraffiti installations, created with visually impaired students, were shown at the Vantaa Art Museum, Finland, and her multi-sensory White Wall exhibition was built in the WARC Gallery, Toronto, in 2008.  


Hilda Kozári's latest projects, entitled WHITE, investigate the temperature and tactility of the color white. She is currently also working with a group of artists on a long-term public art project for the city of Vantaa, Finland.

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