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Ilona Németh, Middle of Europe, 2009

C Print on PVC cloth

78 3/4" x 118" / 2 meters x 3 meters

In the Middle of Europe

Ilona Németh

October 9, 2009 throughNovember 1, 2009


ALMA ON DOBBIN presents Ilona Németh's American solo debut, In the Middle of Europe, opening at Space on Dobbin on Friday, October 9th, 2009, 6-10PM.


Németh premiers two works in New York. The eponymous Middle of Europe, 2006-2009 focuses on the irony that nine countries in Central Europe have each erected public onuments that claim to occupy the central point of the new Europe. Their conflicting boasts to being central-- increasingly irrelevant and anachronistic in our decentralized, amorphous, global, digital world-- is symptomatic of broader geopolticial forces and conditions in Middle Europe. Németh's new video piece 8 Men is inspired by a harsh fact of both communist and post-communist life in the former eastern bloc, and true in her own family: men die young.


Ilona Németh is a Hungarian/Slovakian artistinternationally known for her conceptual and installation-based work, often interactive and in public, sometimes provocative and controversial. Her themes include the geopolitics of visible and invisible boundaries in post-communist Europe, where the social discourses surrounding gender, post-feminism, and identity are relatively recent and raw.



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