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1924 (Cairo, Egypt) - 2009 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Sameer Makarius

September 2002


During WWII Makarius lived in Budapest, where he met Hungarian avant-garde artist members of the “Europai Iskola.” After the war he emigrated to Argentina via Switzerland. He took with him a portfolio, “The Makarius Collection,” which is a set of works on paper from his Hungarian friends and colleagues. He exhibited the collection in Switzerland and Argentina on several occasions.

During the last thirty years in Hungary members of the "European School" have became legendary; their works are considered treasures in museums and private collections.

Miklos Muller, a NY-based biologist and art collector, became the owner of this special portfolio in the 1980's. Alma on Dobbin organized this exhibition at 2B Gallery in Budapest in 2002 and published a catalog, with reproductions and an essay. The exhibition was a revelation for the Budapest art world. The collection is now at the History Museum of Budapest.

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