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The Stages of Andor Weininger

András Körner

January 2008


Andor Weininger (Hungarian, 1899-1986) was a student of the Bauhaus whose stage designs were essential to theater experiments at the famous art and design school. In 1923 Weininger co-founded the legendary Bauhaus Jazz Band, widely popular in 1920s Germany. We worked at the Bauhaus after his graduation in 1925, but after the Nazis came to power, he fled to Netherlands, where he was active in Surrealist circles, before moving to Canada in the 1950s, where he became involved in abstract art. In 1958 he moved to NYC, where he lived until his death.  Alma On Dobbin worked with writer/architect András Körner, his close friend in New York City, on an exhibition and book/CD project. Körner lent his Weininger collection to 2B Gallery, Budapest, where it was exhibited for the first time. While Weininger has received considerable attention as an artist, his contribution within theatre and music were little known. The book addresses these omissions. In addition, the two CDs included within the book are the first to present the repertoire of the Bauhaus Jazz Band, and make a valuable contribution to the history of music.

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