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Your Documents Please

2B Gallery Budapest, Hungary

November 28, 2008 throughDecember 30, 2008


The exhibition “Your Documents Please” reflects a contemporary spectrum of issues of identity and the impact of its documentation. Daniel Georges and Rumiko Tsuda have teamed with Alma on Dobbin and The Museum of Arts and Crafts - Itami (Japan) to mount this show, which opened in April 2008 in Itami and traveled to ZAIM art space in Yokohama, Japan. It then traveled to Budapest’s 2B Gallery, and continued on to Berlin, Bratislava, and Guadalajara. 


Artists responding to the open call made a small artwork, passport-sized or smaller, that functions visually or conceptually as if it were an identification document. Work by more than 250 artists living in 26 countries is included. For more information and to view a complete on-line catalog visit yourdocumentsplease.com.

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