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Dust ball, 2013


10 x 10 x 15 cm

Erik Matrai

April 3, 2013 throughJune 3, 2013


Alma co-sponsored artist Erik Matrai, who received the 2013 “Eötvös Scholarship and Visegrad Artist Residency Program in NY.

  • Though I graduated in 2004 from the University of Fine Arts in the department of painting, I use a wide range of mediums for the realization of my art pieces. I often deal with sacred topics but my interest include the basic elements of nature, including the elementary table, and sheer geometry. My works are mainly inspired by religion and art history. I often deal with materials and symptoms like reflections, water, and fog. Light also plays an important role in my works. Sometimes i simply depict it; other times I use it to create new spaces, and sometimes I represent it through simple symbols. 


    Most of my video works are slow, meditative, and shot in one take.  They are characterized by qualities of permanence and eternity and often have Biblical references. I use a montage-like technique to depict well-known panel paintings, blending the latest technology and classic iconography. My site-specific installations in sacred spaces—or designed to consecrate spaces—deal with the connection between the artwork and the space itself, and the relation between the art piece and the viewer. These ones are often situated in sacral spaces or the works make the space to have a sacral meaning. 


    Collaboration with other artists is very important for me—often, thinking together is more loose and fluent. 

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