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telehor 1-2

Book launch, film screening, and panel discussion.

Institute for Theatre, Film, and Media Studies, Hofburg, Vienna

June 24, 2013


László Moholy-Nagy. Telehor: The International review new vision

Facsimile reprint, issued with a supplementary commentary edited by Oliver Botar and Klemens Gruber. Alma was a sponsor of the publication.


Discussion group: Olivar Botar (Winnipeg), Christine Erharter (Vienna), Éva Forgacs (Los Angeles), Klemens Gruber (Vienna), Lars Müller (Munich). Moderator: Nicole Kandioler (Vienna). 


Maholy-Nagy’s 1933 film Architekturkongress (1933) was screened. This 29-minute film recorded the meeting of the CIAM (International Congress of Architecture) in August, 1933.

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